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Emergency Medical Services are necessary when someone becomes ill or injured. These cases may include general liability for injuries sustained in or around your premises or work-related injuries. Each of these situations is unique and requires an Expert Witness with the qualifications to determine if or when the failure to provide proper care may have complicated or added to an injury or illness.

When evaluating policies or claims it is vital to use an expert witness who has expertise in the intricacies of pre-hospital health care. Our experienced medical expert witnesses regularly assess and opine on medical claims related to first aid provided by lay-persons, first responder care provided by response teams and emergency medical services provided by basic and advanced medical providers (EMTs and Paramedics).

Managing and evaluating Emergency Medical Service risk involves using accepted emergency health care policies & procedures, and reasonable medical and trauma practices. These evaluations often encompass local medical practices balanced against accepted guidelines including state regulations, National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, the Health Resources and Services Administration, the National EMS Scope of Practice, State specific protocols, the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians and the American Heart Association Standard and Practices.

The most common issues reviewed are questions centering on closest appropriate destination, access to proper medical care, development of a proper differential diagnosis, initiation of proper protocol(s), medical evaluations, documentation and quality of care. Whether you are working with a state tort law or 42 US Code §1983 claim, OSS can help!

Pre-Hospital Healthcare Expert Services

We can perform cost-effective health care management consulting, risk management and evaluation of health care assessments to identify potential malpractice risks before they become costly claims. Our medical expert team frequently consults on the following types of issues:

  • Protocol Assessments
  • Medical Policies & Procedures Assessments
  • Assessment of Actual Health Care Practices
  • Policy Development Services
  • Emergency Medical Service Job Descriptions
  • Contracting Out  Critical Services such as Advanced Life Support
  • Cost Containment Strategies
  • Pre-Hospital Medical Assessments
  • Compliance with National, State, Regional and Local Standards
  • Emergency Medical Service Expert Witness Services
  • Pre-Hospital Care Expert Witness Consultation
  • On-Call Consulting
  • Mass Causality Training / Mitigation
  • Hazardous Material Training / Assessment / Treatment / Mitigation

Pre-Hospital Healthcare Consulting Options:

From very straightforward initial analysis to standing for you in court as a testifying expert we have the expertise to put behind your case.  Here are some common formats for our expert witness services:

Preliminary Analysis >

Early Case Assessment >

Consulting & Forensic Experts >

Consulting & Testifying Experts >

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OSS Law Enforcement Advisors® is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with Pre-Hospital Healthcare / Emergency Medical Consultant Services provided throughout the United States.

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