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The police policies and procedures that govern the conduct of law enforcement and jail operations are its lifeblood. Whether working on the street or in the jail, officers are expected to know and abide by department policy. A Chief of Police or Sheriffs distinguished career can and often is, destroyed by that one critical moment when officers doubted or misunderstood law enforcement, jail or police policy and procedures.

To illustrate the dramatic impact of this issue, federal statistics show that more than 66% of all cases clogging the federal court system are brought against officers and agencies for three primary issues: Use of Force, Arrest Procedures, and Jail/Detention Operations.

In virtually every lawsuit brought against an officer and department, critical questions are raised about policy & procedure. Such as: What were the policies? Are they constitutional? Did management enforce the policies and train officers to follow them? Moreover, did officers try to follow the guidelines that were established?

You and your department simply cannot rely on policies & procedures, SOP’s and job descriptions that were developed years ago or borrowed from another agency. Developing or updating your law enforcement, jail, or security procedures to correspond with the ever changing judicial environment and frankly the world today, will greatly improve your overall operations while reducing both your departments’ and officers’ personal liability. At OSS – Law Enforcement Advisors® [OSS] we specialize in accomplishing just that!

OSS can either provide agency specific Policy Development Services or OSS can provide your agency with our Model Law Enforcement, Corrections, or Jail and Police Policies and Procedures via download from our website. Our polices are designed so that you can easily call up, insert your department data, and merge into a final draft policy ready for final proofing, changes, and internal approval. 

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