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Affordable eLearning for Montana POST Corrections Officers & Jailers!

OSS Academy® provides Montana POST Corrections Officers & Jailers online training.

Whether you are looking for one e-learning course for an individual, several courses for your entire Montana law enforcement agency, or hundreds for a large jail or correctional facility, we make online training easy.Enroll_Info

  • Save time and money - most courses cost only $15, without any setup fees; 
  • Endorsed and used by many of the top risk management groups across the country; 
  • Earn Montana POST CEUs; 
  • Train anytime and anywhere you want; 
  • Purchase only the courses you need; &, 
  • Track your agency’s training
Montana POST recognizes OSS Academy® online law enforcement and corrections training through your submission of the following documents direct to Montana POST:

The Montana POST course application, OSS Academy® course outlines and course completion certificates are available online.

OSS Academy®, offers a WIDE variety of Montana POST recognized courses for Corrections officers and jailers. Police Officers, Sheriff Offices and Jail Officers can now complete a significant portion of their training online, and this training is approved for CEU credits by Montana POST.

We provide high quality online training at an affordable price, here is a listing of our Montana POST recognized e-learning training courses:

Montana POST Corrections Officers

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