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OSS Expert Witness Consultants are certified and licensed expert witness professionals in both federal and state courts. We specialize in expert witness services for governmental and private operations such as law enforcement, jails, prisons, security, correctional healthcare, pre-hospital healthcare / emergency medical services, institutional health care, schools and other entities. Choosing an OSS expert witness consultant offers your organization the consulting and expert testimony support that is vital in both mitigating risk and/or defending against claims and legal actions. Our expert witnesses provide our clients with an edge in dealing with the all too common issue of defending their policies, procedures and practices against litigation.

Our expert witnesses have a wide range of knowledge and extensive backgrounds in their specialties that allow us to bring that expertise to bear for you. In most cases OSS clients are not hampered by having to select an expert witness consultant or testifying expert before the case is more fully developed.  In the past attorneys were forced to look for an expert witness early on in the discovery process, only to find that the case took a turn during discovery, and the attributes most needed at trial are not a good fit with the expert witness already retained.  We offer a battery of experts with varying areas of specialization who can work as a team on your particular case. This advantage ensures that as your case progresses you will have the right expert services regardless of any unforeseen changes.

Areas of Expert Witness Specialization?

OSS experts are called upon to analyze cases from both the defense and plaintiff perspectives with public entity experience including, but not limited to:

Correctional Healthcare and Prison Risk Management and Expert Witness Services include:

Security expert witness services involving private operations include:

  • Premises Liability
  • Computer Forensics & Electronic Discovery
  • Crime Statistics & Analysis
  • Forseeability of Crime
  • Inadequacy of Security & Safety Lighting and Illumination
  • Parking Lot Lighting
  • Campus & school law enforcement and security
  • Hospital and Medical Services
  • Apartment Communities
  • Automatic Teller Machines [ATM] Security
  • Bars & Nightclubs
  • Hotel or Hospitality & Lodging Security
  • Home Security

Expert Witness Consulting Options:

From very straightforward initial analysis to standing for you in court as a testifying expert we have the expertise to put behind your case.  Here are some common formats for our expert witness services:

Preliminary Analysis >

Early Case Assessment >

Consulting & Forensic Experts >

Consulting & Testifying Experts >

Service Area

OSS Law Enforcement Advisors® is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with Expert Witness and Law Enforcement Consultant Services provided throughout the United States.

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