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Consulting & Forensic Experts

Consulting experts and forensic experts provide detailed and on-call support for the case in general or on case specific issues that arise from time-to-time during the development of a case or issue.  This expert service is often provided when a case has subparts, technical questions to be resolved, or when considering case strategy.  It is also appropriate when one party or the other has not decided to retain a testifying expert but wants the benefit of an expert’s knowledge and experience to conduct analysis, frame and define issues, and formulate questions for deposition or trial.

Specialized forensic support most often includes:

  • Autopsy and Drug Screen Interpretation
  • Crime and Foreseeability Analysis
  • Crime Scene Analysis & Reconstruction
  • Emergency Medical Response
  • Job Description and Post Order Analysis
  • Policy & Procedure Analysis
  • Security & Safety Lighting and Illumination Assessments
  • Training & Standards Assessments     

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